Last few weeks have been great

Since the rain we’ve had sightings and shootings of many dozen of pigs coming out the National Park on to the property. It’s been great. Numbers of goats have been down slightly but still in good numbers.

There have been hunters booked for exclusive hunting use of the 2000+ acres for most of May and June. There are still some slots available over July / August but need to get in quickly. Minimum of two people over two nights.

Cabin now available

A converted shipping container is now in place providing some basic conveniences.

Features included in the cabin are a kitchen (with gas camping stove), a shower, seating, lighting, 12volt outlets and heating.

A 240 volt generator is also available at an additional cost.

Welcome to Aussie Hunting

Grab a few mates, pack some gear and take off on an adventure in the northwest of NSW that you won’t forget.

Whether it’s game hunting that you’re after or camping in the great outdoors you will enjoy getting away from it all.

Most of our hunters are regulars from Sydney who come up for a few days with friends. They keep coming back.

Whether it’s the thrill of stalking boars, spotting feral cats or wild goats or just simply practising your target shooting in peace, you’ll enjoy getting away from the daily grind of city life.